Our Lady Of The Woods Shrine

Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Shrine Grotto – is a mountainous structure of stone honeycomb with grottos and niches. The very name, Our Lady of the Woods, reflects the thousands of acres of God’s beautiful and majestic timberlands.  View our media gallery here.

It began with the visions of Rev. Hubert Rakowski in the mid 40’s and was dedicated in September of 1955.

It is dedicated to Our Lady.

our lady of the woods shrineIn northern Michigan, Midst the deer and the pine;

Man created a monument, Our Lady of the Woods Shrine.

With heart and with hand, man molded from stone,

A symbol of His Love, reaching towards Mary’s throne,

Four apparitions of Our Lady, to be seen and not forgot

They are the Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe and LaSalette.

There is the Holy Family, and St, Anne DeBeaupre

And patrons of all hunters, St. Hubert to show the way.

Beckoning to the ever faithful, come, kneel and pray.

Many a weary traveler, regardless of his creed or clan

Stops her to pause and worship, to join in the brotherhood of man.

The Family Shrine

family shrineThis cave-like structure contains a statue of Canada’s patron saint, St. Anne de Beaupre on one end and the Holy Family group on the other end.  Relics of St. Anne, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua have been acquired and are placed in this shrine.  The Family Shrine has been build at the very base of the mammoth, Our Lady of the Woods structure, to symbolize the fact that the family is the basic unit of all society.

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